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Product Governance Reviews & Fair Value Assessments

The  FCA rules relating to product governance released in October 2021, require manufacturers and co-manufacturers to complete at least an annual PROD assessment of all general insurance products (except those classed as ‘large risks’). Accordingly, we have provided our documents below:

Like many other manufacturers/co-manufacturers of insurance products in the market we have been working hard making the necessary changes to our product governance processes to meet the new FCA requirements – in particular focusing on the requirement for a Fair Value Assessment to be carried out on both consumer and commercial products. Providing value to our customers has always been at the forefront of our minds when delivering products to market.

On this page you will be able to access summaries of all reviews, as well as details of the intended target market and our internal product approval process, which identifies whether new products or any significant adaptations to an existing product provide fair value to customers.

The information analysed includes, but is not limited to:

  • Product metrics and cover
  • Service
  • Pricing and premium finance
  • Distribution

Target Market Statements including Fair Value Outcomes:

Structural Warranty

Protek Group – Starr International New Home LDI

Protek Group – Starr International Commercial LDI

Protek Group – Starr International Basic LDI 

Protek Group – QBE Self Build & Custom Build LDI 

Protek Group – QBE New Home LDI 

Protek Group – QBE Basic LDI 

Casualty & General Insurance Company (Europe) Limited – LDI Residential

Casualty & General Insurance Company (Europe) Limited – LDI Commercial

Site Insurance

Protek Group – QBE Site Insurance 

Insurance Backed Guarantee

Casualty & General Insurance Company (Europe) Limited – IBG



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