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Insurance brokers and Intermediaries – Working with Protek

Product GovernanceProtek’s structural warranty product range is fully available to insurance brokers and intermediaries wishing to work with Protek. We are happy to assist you if you are unsure about the type of product or solution that may be available in a specific scenario and can provide bespoke solutions as required.

For more information or a quotation request please call 0333 456 5040 or email: brokers@protekwarranty.co.uk

Insurance brokers and Intermediaries need to consider the importance of advising clients of the future requirements for structural warranty in the sales and leasing cycle of a development.

A 10 year structural warranty policy is becoming increasingly popular on conversions and extensions as well as residential and commercial development projects. The requirement of a structural warranty is usually driven by the bank or building society either lending on the development or as mortgagor of the finished unit. However it is a major risk management vehicle in terms ongoing liability under the Defective Premises Act. 

It imposes a duty (which cannot be excluded or restricted) on a person “taking on work” in connection with the provision of a dwelling to see that the work which it takes on is done in a workmanlike, professional manner with proper materials so that the dwelling will be fit for habitation when completed.

This means that where a dwelling has not been built with proper materials that make it fit for habitation, those “taking on work” can face compensation claims from homeowners. Those “taking on work” includes building contractors and developers.

The provision of a structural warranty is usually project specific and will not necessarily be related to a contractors all risks renewal date making it an attractive door opener for construction insurance brokers.

If you have a project in mind – why not give our insurance broker team a call on 0333 456 5040.

Product Governance Reviews & Fair Value Assessments

Like many other manufacturers/co-manufacturers of insurance products in the market we have been working hard making the necessary changes to our product governance processes to meet the new FCA requirements – in particular focusing on the requirement for a Fair Value Assessment to be carried out on both consumer and commercial products. Providing value to our customers has always been at the forefront of our minds when delivering products to market.

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