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Latent Defects Insurance (LDI)

Latent Defects Insurance (LDI) provides cover against the cost of repairing, replacing and/or strengthening an insured property following the discovery of defect in the design, workmanship or materials or components used in the structural works and envelope. The defect usually has to manifest itself during a 10 or 12 year period post completion. It must subsequently cause physical damage to the Premises; or the threat of imminent collapse to the premises, requiring  immediate remedial measures for the prevention of an actual collapse. It is often referred to as a Structural Warranty

Why is Latent Defects Insurance (LDI) Useful to property owners?

Latent defects insurance (LDI) could be useful to property owners, as it provides first-party protection post-completion for building defects. This in turn can improve the lease-ability or sale-ability of the completed building.  It can also provide protection against unforeseen costs down the line.

Latent Defects Insurance

Lenders and tenants with an obligation to repair under the terms of a lease agreement usually look for Latent Defects Insurance (LDI) cover on the new-build property to improve security. This could either be on a residential or commercial development. 

The policy is generally available for a period of 10 to 12 years, from the date of issue of practical completion. The insured can be any party who has an interest in the property (normally the owner or developer). Automatic transfer of cover to the successor in title is normally a standard feature of cover. 

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