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Protek’s response to the government’s plan for dealing with the spread of Coronavirus Covid-19

We are following government advice during the coronavirus outbreak as we have a duty of care to our staff members, surveyors and clients. This means we are doing everything we can to ensure its business as usual. While our offices remain open, our people may be misplaced due to either self-isolation or government restrictions on travel etc., We are endeavouring to do everything we can to continue handling current matters seamlessly.

In order to help us provide as an effective service as possible, please note the following:

Site Inspections

Protek’s contracted Surveyors or Protek’s partnered Building Control Surveyor may not be in a position to send a surveyor to site to carry out a scheduled inspection for the reasons identified above. Each surveyor will be following their own organisation’s risk assessment policy with regards to inspections of specific properties while taking into account up-to-date government advice.
Clearly we do not wish this to hold up your progress if you are still building on site, so it’s important you communicate with the surveyor, whose decision it always is whether to carry out a site survey or accept your photos instead. To alleviate any issues during this period we ask that you photograph all elements of the works in detail and upload them as required by the surveyor to:


Customer Image Upload Facility

The nominated surveyor will be notified of the arrival of the photographs and will, where possible carry out a remote inspection. It is important you maintain direct communication with your surveyor during this period as they may be very specific about the photos you need to send. Our guidance for key stage inspection photographs explains which photos are needed at each of the 4 standard key stages. Surveys at other times should at least include any of these elements visible at the time. Clients utilising the Building Control partnering arrangement MUST liaise closely with Building Control as their requirements take precedence.

The surveyor will be notified of the arrival of the photographs and will, where possible carry out a remote inspection. It is important you maintain direct communication with the surveyor during this period as they may be very specific about the photos you need to send.

Your surveyors contact details are on your site inspection record.

In order to upload the photographs, you will need to log in using your project reference AND Site Postcode.

  • Please bear in mind that this service has been created as a simple solution to keep you building.
  • It is imperative that you use your correct project reference and postcode when uploading photos – references are shown on all Protek documentation.
  • Images uploaded will be flagged to your surveyor who will utilise them to carry out a remote survey where possible.
  • This process will not replace a completion inspection which must be site based.

Self-Build Quotations and Customer Service

Go online at www.protekselfbuild.co.uk and complete the online process. If your enquiry concerns an existing quotation or referral please call 0333 456 8030

Builder & Developer Quotations

  • If you would like a quotation: Please complete the application form online here: https://www.protekwarranty.co.uk/structural-warranty-quote/  It will be passed to a team member who will respond accordingly.
  • If you already have a quotation: Please call 0333 456 5040

Customer Service

For ongoing servicing of your warranty: Please email customerservice@protekwarranty.co.uk  This is the quickest way to get matters dealt with.  Alternatively call 0333 456 0404


  • New Claim Notifications: Please call Customer Services on 0333 456 0404

  • Ongoing Claims: If you wish to discuss an ongoing claim, please call the loss adjuster appointed to your claim.

This note is not intended to give legal or financial advice, and, accordingly, it should not be relied upon for such. It should not be regarded as a comprehensive statement of the law and/or market practice in this area. In preparing this note we have relied on information sourced from third parties and we make no claims as to the completeness or accuracy of the information contained herein. It reflects our understanding as at 1st June 2020, but you will recognise that matters concerning COVID-19 are fast changing across the world. You should not act upon information in this bulletin nor determine not to act, without first seeking specific legal and/or specialist advice. Our advice to our clients is as an insurance broker and is provided subject to specific terms and conditions, the terms of which take precedence over any representations in this document. No third party to whom this is passed can rely on it. We and our officers, employees or agents shall not be responsible for any loss whatsoever arising from the recipient’s reliance upon any information we provide herein and exclude liability for the content to fullest extent permitted by law. Should you require advice about your specific insurance arrangements or specific claim circumstances, please get in touch with your usual contact at Protek.

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