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Commercial Structural Warranty

This commercial structural warranty is designed to protect developers and owners of commercial properties against the cost of fixing potentially expensive defects. Cover is available for a range of buildings including: Offices, hotels, supermarkets, care homes, commercial units and distribution hubs.

Cover can be arranged by either the developer, contractor or property owner. This provides complete flexibility irrespective of the route to procurement.

You can purchase a structural warranty on the project at any stage during the construction process. However, it is usually much more cost effective to arrange it before works commence on site. 

By using a commercial structural warranty policy you will negate the requirement for an unreliable collateral warranty which do not really afford protection if the contractor/builder ceases to trade. 

It offers the possibility of genuine risk transfer to subsequent owners. Importantly, the policyholder does not need to prove negligence.

We provide cover against defects in the design, workmanship, materials and components causing major damage.

Our commercial structural warranty features:

  • 10 or 12 year Structural Warranty cover available
  • Subrogation waivers available
  • Protection for external car parks and associated drainage
  • Cover for Contaminated Land remediation works and failure to comply with building regulations.
  • Additional costs cover included
  • Cover as standard for additional costs, removal of debris and professional fees
  • Additional cover available for loss of rental income.

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